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Fashion Kilt | Modern Utility Kilts for Sale

Le 21 décembre 2017, 12:01 dans Lifestyle 0

Our objective is to make you feel confident while wearing your Kilt. When you wear it as you go for your desire measurement & fittings; it is the most confident feeling you would ever have. The satisfaction you can have in custom made Kilts.

Kilt in colors and styling you like. If you feel confident about wearing fashionable clothing, you're always in love with itFashionkilt  is for you.

We specialize in custom Kilt for tall men, custom Kilt for tall women, custom Kilt for tall women Customization of Kilts gives you the perfect fit as you go. Make your own Custom Kilt.

Kilt Pattern | Which Kilt Pattern Should I Choose?

Le 14 décembre 2017, 13:17 dans Culture 0

If you do not know much about Scottish history and tradition you would be forgiven in thinking that kilt patterns were purely aesthetic.

In actual fact, a traditional  kilt pattern  is extremely symbolic and carries with it great significance. Kilt Pattern and Tartan finder.

What Does A Kilt Pattern Actually Mean?

Hundreds of years ago the kilt was worn by the highlanders of Scotland. They were worn by their clan and clan families. There had been many clans over there at that time. In the mountains there were many different clans made up of different families. Each of these clans had a different tartan which distinguished them from neighboring and rival clans. And all clans are very specific about their tartan color and design. These tartans were extremely important in establishing the identity of another clansman.

Which Kilt Pattern Should You Wear?

There is still a tradition between Scots of wearing your ancestral family kilt pattern. If you are  Tartan Finder  and have a strong line of Scottish blood in your family it is very likely that you will be able to trace it back to a particular clan or family tartan. You can use the internet to search for your family tartan, but remember, use variations in the family name often evolve over many generations. Apart from internet, you can also find this article too. 


Black Friday Deals | Kilt Guide Advertisement

Le 17 novembre 2017, 12:27 dans Lifestyle 0

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